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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random ♥

Your Cell Phone? BB CURVE 8520, I can't live without it ooo

Your Hair? Long black hair

Your Mother? Emuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :*

Your Father? You're the best

Your Favorite Food? Everything but NO Cheese please -___-

Your Dream Last Night? Do you think?

Your Favorite Drink? Fresh Water, it's healthy for your life :)

Your Dream/Goal? give the best for my lovely parents and my family. Just it! :)

What Room Are You In now? living room

Your Hobby? Singing but I don't want to be a singer, just my hobby hihi

Your Fear? CAT!!!!! I DON'T LIKE CAT! afraid with cat, all kind of cat. say NO NO NO NO NO NO to cat

Where Were You Last Night? in my room, listening radio, singing and relax from activity in my school

Something That You Aren't? (?)

Wish List Item? iPad, Macbook and iPhone :p

Where Did You Grow Up? Jakarta-Indonesia

Last Thing You Did? Texting wiff my friend ;)

What Are You Wearing? Rodeo T-shirt and shorts

Your TV? why?

Your Pets? NO! I don't have pet -____-

Friends? I have many more friends, and I love you guys ♥ I can't live without you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #Hennikidychi #Yasporbi #41jhs #49shs and all of you :) I'm proud have friends like you ♥ ♥ ♥

Your Life? very wavy~ hihihi

Your Mood? Now, HAPPY :)

Missing Someone?
not just someone, myexboyf, my friends in jhs -_- I miss all :O

Vehicle? my lovely Variooooooooooooooo, thanks for everything. hihi you take me everyrwhere :p

Something You Aren't Wearing? hotpants and tanktop -_- iyuuuuuuh errr

Your Favorite Store? ITC :p cheap and good item

Your Favorite Color? maybe blue hehehe

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? yesterday with my #Hennikidychi~

Last Time You Cried? 2 days ago -_-


One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? School -__-

Twitter? for now, I'm very very very addicted with twitter, follow me @reintabolla thankyouu

Favorite Place To Eat? Solaria heheehe

wish me luck for 3rd grade~

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