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Monday, June 21, 2010


The capture of Tugu Jogjakarta by Lomo Fisheye

Meet my friend St. Paul who introduced me in Photography World. This was taken during our photoshoot in Labrador Park.

This is the third post featuring photography from Seattle's Yoshino cherry blossoms. These cherry trees bloom once a year for one to two weeks. I'll continue posting shots from Seattle and the Quad as we welcome spring in the Pacific Northwest.

Coloured pencil, it'a make your life so colourful

You must have an item for photography!

my dream ♥

Blue / rain / reflection / urban / graffiti / umbrella / walking / woman / street photography
I shot this the other weekend and was stoked to find this blue garage. I thought the graffiti gave it a cool urban look, especially when I saw people walking past in the rain.The purple umbrella helped create an awesome reflection on the wet surface

Rainbow in Eiffel, so Wonderful

Indonesia Bali / summer / landscape / sky / clouds / wave / water / sunset / ocean / sea / photography / buildings:
This was such an awesome landscape image with an awesome summer sunset. The temple shown is Tanah Lot temple, obviously this is just one part of the whole thing.

Source : Flickr-photos

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